Photography of Children and Young People

I love to celebrate and showcase the environmental work and learning in which children and young people are engaged. I also recognise that it is beneficial to the work of Nature Ventures to photograph various activities in order to provide material to publicise and report on our activities. Additionally we may be involved in the production of photographic or video based art work.

Photographic and video images of children and young people are classed as personal data under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations. Therefore using such images for publicity purposes will require the consent of children, young people and their legal guardians. I will not display images on websites, in publications or elsewhere in public space without such consent.

A statement regarding the use of photography is included in the Privacy Policy.

I will ensure:

  • I will not publish names of any children whose image is used Nature Ventures websites or Social Media
  • Images are securely stored and used only by those authorised do so
  • Digital images taken on personal cameras or phones will be transferred to the website, or other authorised computer for secure storage as soon as possible
  • Parental consent will be sought for children under 13 years old. For children 13 and over, only the child’s consent is required
  • The wishes of any child, young person or parent/guardian not to be photographed will be upheld

If you are concerned about the use of a child’s image on Nature Ventures websites or Social media, or if you wish to withdraw consent, please use the contact information.